Susan Silver Antiques

Susan Silver Antiques
755 North Main Street, Route 7
PO Box 621
Sheffield, Massachusetts 01257
Phone: (413) 229-8169
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About Us

First, a confession. I’m obsessed.

I developed an early interest in antiques from my mother who was an interior designer in New York. But it was about twenty years ago I realized beautiful antiques make my heart race and I discovered I had a passion for English and Continental antiques. Rather than deny it or douse it, why not indulge it? So I left a career in creating sets for commercial film advertising and put my zeal and stylist’s eye to work, opening a shop specializing in 18th and 19th century Georgian and Regency furniture and accessories.

I’m still obsessed, always on the hunt for the next perfect object. I go often to England and France, indulging myself in my own form of the royal progress. I spend a great deal of time and effort searching out my objects, but I’m extremely particular, driven to find the best quality items.

Beautiful antiques abound in the marketplace, but the items I buy must possess that little extra that elevates a piece from the very nice to the exceptional. The fine craftsmanship and the varied forms of English furniture keep drawing me in. I gravitate to furniture and accessories for libraries and living rooms, including tables, desks, chairs, bookcases, mirrors and lighting fixtures. I also look for cleverly designed and beautifully made military campaign furniture. I still marvel that British military officers could do so much to recreate the luxury of home life abroad, ready to be picked up by handles, packed into specially made traveling boxes and shipped to the next posting. Many of the pieces I sell can serve dual and triple purposes, since not many of us have batteries of servants to wait on our every whim.

You will find wonderful antiques in my shop in the village of Sheffield, Massachusetts, amid the beautiful Berkshire Hills. I invite you to browse at… but do come to see us in person, too. We’re open every day but Tuesdays, throughout the year.


Mission Statement

Classic, traditional…always refined, with an English formal twist. Defining what it means to live engulfed in a world of quality, history and craftsmanship. I love bringing the beauty and excellent proportions of stylish antiques to your home from my travels abroad.

– Susan Silver

Our Shop in Sheffield