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Overmantel & Horizontal View All Mirrors

Overmantel Mirrors

As the name implies, these antique giltwood mirrors were used over the fireplace mantel so the entire room would be reflected. They are large, elegant and bathe the room in light to give it a brilliant ambiance.  A boldly carved and gilded overmantel (or overmantle) mirror becomes a focal point and decorative statement in the room.

In the 17th century, mirrors were fitted into the paneling above the chimney-piece. These mirrors usually had three panels of glass set horizontally within a mirror border or glass frame. Very often the glass would be beveled as a decorative feature or disguised with carved wood.  A reason for the use of three mirror plates was that it could possibly have been that a heavy tax was imposed on glass in 1745. Large plates were capable of being made at that time so it could be that existing glass was reused and hence the three plates. In the 18th century, the addition of candle arms allowed more light reflection, thereby doubling the amount of light in the room.

Finally, over the mantel isn’t the only place for this type of mirror.  It also can look quite elegant over a sideboard in the dining room. If the room is on the smallish side, it will make the room look larger and impress your guests. How about over a bookcase in the library or over a console table or commode in the entry way?