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American Federal Gilded Pier Mirror
United States
Circa 1800

Antique Pier Mirrors

A pier mirror was created to hang on a pier, the load bearing wall between two windows and they were usually placed above a pier table. These mirrors were tall and narrow and reflected a vast amount of light into the room. As a result, they would become the focal point of a room and would make quite an impression.

The pier mirror was originally a French design from the 18th century and were called trumeau. This meant a wall between two windows. They are large and have a painted panel above the mirror in a frame.

Additionally, pier mirrors can also be placed above the fireplace to accentuate high ceilings and bring more light into the room. When candles or candelabra are placed on the mantel, the light is increased two-fold. Placing a tall pier mirror in a small room will visually increase the size of the room. A pier mirror is a great decorating device.

Finally, pier mirrors can be gilded or made of mahogany with giltwood decoration. All the cabinetmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries made pier mirrors or had them in their design books.