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The Antique Table

What could be more versatile than the antique table?  Eat on it, play games on it, write a thank you note on it, put your favorite photo frame on it, how about your computer, put a lamp on it to light up the room and your spirit, put a vase of posies on it or a pair of colorful Chinese foo dogs. There are myriad forms and uses. They can be very plain or very stylish, depending on your decorating needs. It’s the most functional piece of furniture in the home.

Antique dining tables are descended from the medieval trestle table that was large and massive. By Tudor times the legs became heavy with bold bulbous turnings. The 17th century gave rise to the pedestal dining table that we know today. Antique dining tables can have two or more pedestals, depending on how many people you want to seat. They can have extra leaves to expand the table, drop leaves or draw leaves. Some tables have two drop leaves with gate legs that pivot when opened and closed. These tables tend to be awkward to sit at since there’s not a lot of room for your legs.

Individual styles will be discussed in the sub categories of tables.